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Albert Service Station, Inc. puts all of it's focus on customer experience. To do so, we specialize our practice in the mechanical/ Electrical diagnostics for personal or commercial vehicles. If your vehicle is a diesel car, fuel injection or a hybrid, our techs will find the issue with your vehicle. Every year, we update our equipment to be able to read and program cars of the year. The automobile industry is offering products that are more and more complex with engine control units, transmission control units, etc., the right tools are essential to solve the issues of your vehicle.

***Services below, cover all cars and all dates of production.***





- Diagnostics (Check engine, SRS, ABS, Air bag...)    - Remote starters

- Mechanical Repairs

- Electrical repairs

- Oil change

- Brake replacement

- Bodyshop

- Alignment

- Towing Service

- Tire storage

- FREE courtesy car

- And more...

- Tinted windows respecting S.A.A.Q. code

- Repair / Installation of Windshields

- Tire supplier

- Tire installation and balancement

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